Thursday, May 29, 2008

May Featured Artist: Nelly Rosario

Author Bio:

Nelly Rosario was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She received a BA in engineering from MIT and an MFA from Columbia University. She has received numerous awards, including a 1999 Barbara Deming Memorial Fund Fellowship, The Bronx Writers' Center Van Lier Literary Fellowship for 1999-2000, two National Arts Club Writing Fellowships, the 1997 Hurston/Wright Award in Fiction, and the 1988 National Teachers in English Writing Award. She was named "Writer on the Verge" by the Village Voice Literary Supplement in 2001. Her debut novel Song of the Water Saints, which traces the lives of three generations of Dominican women, won a PEN Open Book Award in 2002. Currently she teaches at Texas State University in San Marcos.

Work Sample:

Justice sans Blindfold

My name is Najila Sivaka Gesbor, M.D., President and Head Surgeon of Innovative Ophthalmology Clinic.

I have no blood on my hands, so help me Horus.

It is my understanding that arrested persons are to be handcuffed with their hands in front of them—this behind-the-back standard is only for the convicted.

You accuse me of eating human eyes. Cow eyes are not human eyes, however similar. I much prefer the taste and texture of the former than that of the latter, which I imagine are rather saccharine and pliant. In addition to being considerably larger in size, cow eyes are much more bitter and salty in taste, requiring the pleasant task of cutting through fat and extraneous muscle prior to consumption. Ask any of your government officials who frequent steakhouses.

I have also sampled kangaroo and monkey eyes, both equally savory.

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